Deepening Engagement

Georgia Close and Athena Cabot

Manager of Student &Teacher Engagement and Access Program Coordinator, Museum of Contemporary Art

We will firstly introduce the MCA Together School Access Program: a program that offers fully-subsidised creative learning experiences as well as transport, to support diverse students and school communities, including students and families from EAL/D and/or refugee backgrounds, to be able to visit and participate in our programs; the program thus provides equitable access to the Museum and extends the reach of our Creative Learning programs, making contemporary art more accessible to the wider community.

We’ll then speak more specifically about the MCA Together Young Team Member Program, a fully subsidised and supported 4-day intensive experience that we offer to Western Sydney primary school students and their families. We’ll talk about what the program entails—how students work closely with the MCA’s Artist Educators to build upon their leadership skills, further develop their confidence, and take ownership over a new learning environment—as well as illuminating the impacts of the program that we have found through feedback and evaluation.

And ultimately, we will address how we’ve deepened engagement and increased return attendance by offering further opportunities and initiatives to ensure ongoing, strong and lasting relationships between the students, families and teachers who participate in this program and the Museum and MCA staff.



MCA Together: School Access Program