Re-imagining the little Leaellynasaura polar dinosaur: a co-creative tactile Mixed Reality museum experience

Kaja Antlej

Lecturer in Industrial Design, Deakin University

Tactile copies and hands-on reconstructions have been used as engaging interpretative tools in museums for decades. The recent explosion of immersive digital technologies offer museums an intriguing new viewpoint for communicating collections and experiences on site and online. Despite numerous studies indicating that museum users appreciate interactive digital content, tactile experiences are still highly valued. Communication with physical objects gives museums a point of difference with other media. This has become even more essential in the digital age and may influence how we (will) consume museums in the post-digital world as well.

A wallaby-size polar dinosaur from the Otways, Leaellynasaura (we call her Little L) has been used as a case study to explore merging physical exhibits with virtual environments for multimodal museum experiences.

This paper presents the initial development of the co-creative Mixed Reality research lab experience about virtual colouring of Little L at the National Wool Museum in Geelong as well as reports on formative online survey and summative user experience evaluation.




Kaja Antlej, Lecturer In Industrial Design


National Wool Museum, Geelong

Geelong City of Design